Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Modern advances in breast reconstructive surgery have made it possible to restore the female breast form and spare women the embarrassment and insecurity of going through life without their breast(s). It is tough enough having to fight and survive breast cancer, without also having to deal with the disfigurement and associated psychological repercussions. You are never too old to have a reconstruction and many women never get used to not having their breasts.

While the decision to pursue breast reconstruction is very personal and individualized, our doctor is ready to offer you the information and resources you need to make the best decision for you. Together with his assistants, they can safely, quickly, and efficiently perform the latest, most complex and demanding reconstructions available today. Our doctor has vast experiences performing all types of breast reconstructions, ranging from simple implant reconstructions to DIEP, SIEA, and SGAP/IGAP autologous reconstructions.

Many surgeons are able to perform specific types of breast reconstruction that passes for a breast, but our doctor believes that breast reconstruction involves more than simply making either a mound of tissue or some semblance of a breast where your own breast had been. He not only strives to achieve a natural and normal looking breast, but also to improve upon what had been there. The term “aesthetic breast reconstruction” and “oncoplastic breast reconstruction” integrates aesthetic breast rejuvenation into the reconstructive process.


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