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Does your face feel deflated and all the skin seems to be sagging? Are those jowls and turkey neck bothering you? Turn back the clock in one simple procedure that both reverse the effects of age, sun damage, and gravity to make you look years younger. Our doctor will not only smooth out your wrinkles and restore your facial skin tone, but he will also address that part of every woman's body that is the first to give away your age…. your neck. our doctor will eliminate your turkey neck and make you truly look years younger.

A facelift, a.k.a. rhytidectomy is designed to reverse the effects of gravity, age, sun damage, stress, and other factors may have on the skin and soft tissue of your face and neck. Skin damage may manifest as loose or sagging skin with a plethora of wrinkles. As we age, some of the fatty tissue in our face shrivel and sag, compounding the effects of the aforementioned skin and soft tissue damage. The facelift procedure smoothes out the wrinkled skin, moves around and tightens the underlying fatty tissue, and removes the excess skin to provide a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.


Many individuals seek out this procedure to improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck including sagging, deep creases, fallen fat, loss of muscle tone, and loose skin. This procedure will help to reverse signs of aging and increase a youthful appearance. Facelifts are usually completed in conjunction with other procedures such as brow and cheek lifts.


The Mid Face Lift can beautifully restore the contours and fullness to the mid face area. This procedure can be done in conjunction with the traditional Face Lift to address the eyelids, brow and forehead regions. This complex surgical procedure requires extensive experience in facelifts and is growing in popularity because of the more natural results.


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