Liposuction is a very common plastic surgery procedure where your body’s excess fat is suctioned out through canulas inserted through small 1-2 cm stab incisions that heal very well. It is ideally used for patients looking to establish a better body contour and not a substitute for weight loss. Optimal results are obtained after you have reached your weight loss goal.

Improving your appearance is a positive step towards increasing your confidence and self-esteem. Living in a society which judges beauty based on physical attributes, more and more individuals are seeking a body that diet and exercise often fail to deliver. Mommy-hood, bad genes, or hormonal changes, give us resistant pockets of fat that just will not go away, no matter what you do. Short of surgery, these resistant bulges will never go away. Especially in California, where everyone exercises and make it a high priority to eat healthy, this can cause significant psychological stress and wreak havoc on your self-confidence. If you have this problem, look no further than liposuction for instant results. Do away with these fatty pocket and look better than ever! Sculpt your body into one that will no longer be a source of embarrassment.

Liposuction is a highly effective surgical technique in which excess fat and cellulite are removed from the body, between the skin and muscle tissue. This form of plastic surgery helps to improve the contours of the body and improves health as a result of lower body fat overall. A small tube known as a cannula is used for the surgery—a stainless steel tube which connects to a suction pump. The pump is then inserted through small skin incisions to remove fat from the body.

Various technologies exist for enhancing the effects of traditional liposuction. Some of the more popular ones include laser liposuction (e.g. SmartLipo, Laser Lipo), ultrasound assisted liposuction (e.g. VASER), and waterjet liposuction (e.g. Body Jet). All these techniques aim at enhancing your figure by removing your skin’s excess fat, tightening your skin, and minimizing injury to important non-fatty structures in your skin.


Looking your best is pointless if you don’t feel your best. Liposuction will bring immediate emotional gratification in addition to the physical enhancements.

The feeling of enthusiasm that will sweep through your body after the surgery has been completed is unlike any other. The problem areas that concerned you in the past will no longer be a problem—you will have renewed vigor as more people take notice to your “new” look. You may feel as if you have a new lease on life as you buy the clothes you always wanted to wear but couldn’t fit, or as you visit your favorite places feeling a sense of cheer instead of chaos! Confidence begets confidence; your smile will encourage others to take notice, further perpetuating your new-found happiness.


Many parts of the body are stubborn to the affects of a good diet and regular exercise. In those cases, liposuction is the only viable alternative to tone or trim unsightly areas of fat. Patients are able to customize their experience by choosing exactly where the fat will be removed during surgery. In addition to removing cellulite, liposuction removes the fat cells that push through the collagen tissue below the skin’s surface; this helps to remove cellulite and it aids in cellulite prevention.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conducted a study in 2011 and found that people who undergo liposuction experience lower levels of triglycerides and lower white blood cell counts. Since high levels of triglycerides are linked to elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, the decrease in those levels post-surgery is substantial and it promotes a healthy heart for the patient. The September 2011 study by the ASPS also noted an 11 percent decrease in white blood cells. Ailments such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are linked to elevated white blood cell counts, so liposuction can help lower your risk of developing those illnesses.

As a rule of thumb, high quality surgery is usually never at a “budget” cost. The cost of liposuction is often the first thing that most people consider, but quality should be the ultimate determining factor. To experience a smooth and safe surgery, the surgeon’s skill and experience should be weighed more heavily than the price. For the best care possible and to rediscover a more youthful and energetic part of you, schedule a consultation with our doctor—the right plastic surgeon for your liposuction.

What is a contoured abdominoplasty and Why Combine a liposuction procedure with a tummy tuck procedure – The reason for the development of a variation of a traditional tummy tuck, known as a“contoured abdominoplasty,”is the result of years of doing either a traditional tummy tucks or traditional liposuction procedures by themselves; both with less than ideal results for many patients.

Individuals who opt for the tummy tuck are often left with a thick and fatty abdominal wall of “subcutaneous” tissue. When that tissue is re-draped back to the frame of the body the final result is not always ideal. Liposuction also isn’t the best procedure for many individuals, leaving them with loose sagging skin. When liposuction is combined to the tummy tuck procedure the abdominal wall skin flaps are able to be thinned out. This makes for skin far better for re-draping; all leading to a much more well-defined figure. A more well-defined figure is the goal of having weight loss surgery done. The combination of Liposuction plus and abdominoplasty seems to have led the charge in terms of a balanced body contouring procedure or post-weight loss surgery, which is very effective for a wide swath of people.


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