MTF Brazilian Buttlift

MTF Brazilian Buttlift

Our doctor understands the desire to match your outward appearance with your inner identity. He offers compassionate care and personalized treatment with the utmost discretion and privacy before, during, and after your transition.


Gender dysphoria is disheartening for many transgender men and women. The disconnect between physical appearance and gender identity can cause depression, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem. Nearly 100% of those who decide to have transgender surgery are happy with their decision. You may experience:

  • Boost of self-confidence
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Outward appearance matches your inner feelings
  • Feel secure in your sexuality and gender identity
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • No longer feeling that you’re “hiding something”

Feeling confident in yourself can also improve your personal and professional life. You may feel more comfortable dating, making friends, taking risks, and putting yourself out there.

Breasts are often seen as a vital part of a feminine physique. Even if you choose to start hormone therapy, hormones alone may not give you the breast size and shape you desire. Breast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most highly requested cosmetic procedures, including among transgender women.

There are certain exercises that can enhance your derriere, but sometimes it’s not enough. If you want rounder, perkier buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift may be the answer.

A Brazilian butt lift can help you accentuate your buttocks for a more feminine shape. The natural procedure uses your body’s own fat reserves to provide extra volume to your behind. It can also be combined with a variety of other procedures to achieve a more feminine appearance as part of your transition.


A Brazilian butt lift will first begin with liposuction. Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat using a thin tube called a cannula. Fat can be harvested from virtually anywhere on your body. Many patients choose to have liposuction near their midsection because a smaller waist and tummy can further enhance your buttocks and provide womanly curves.

After the fat is removed, it is purified and prepared for injection. It is injected into your buttocks, often using a fanning motion to evenly redistribute the fat. The injection process involves a certain amount of artistry to distribute the fat in a precise way that provides a natural, rounded backside. When done correctly, your results will last for many years without the need for additional fat transfer or maintenance.


The butt lift procedure is natural and minimally-invasive, making it a versatile procedure. Virtually anyone who wants more pronounced buttocks can have a Brazilian butt lift. Without the need for long incisions, implants, or other substances, the risks are relatively low.

You may not be a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift if you do not have sufficient fat reserves. Patients who have a low percentage of body fat will not have enough excess fat to provide a noticeable enhancement. Significant fluctuations in weight can impact the results of your procedure, so ideal candidates should be near their goal weight and committed to maintaining it through diet and exercise.

After your procedure you will also need to refrain from sleeping on your back and sitting on the injected area until it has healed. Avoiding the injected area is not as difficult as it sounds because the injections are typically administered in the upper portion of your buttocks, which is not typically an area that you would sit on.


A Brazilian butt lift is generally well tolerated by most patients and can help transgender women achieve a more feminine figure. Other benefits include:

  • Reduction of unwanted fat
  • Enhance your buttocks without changing your weight
  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive
  • All natural; uses your body’s own fat as opposed to implants
  • Results that look and feel natural
  • Long-lasting results
  • Little to no need for maintenance or follow-up procedures

If you would like a rounder behind without the need for surgery, you may benefit from a Brazilian butt lift. Our doctor can incorporate the procedure into your transition to help you manifest your internal identity to match your outward appearance.


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