Plate-Rich Plasma

Plate-Rich Plasma

PRP, by definition, refers to platelets in plasma, where the platelet concentration is generally considered to be twice the normal concentration in whole blood. Nowhere in the definition of PRP is there a description for including red blood cells (RBC) or white blood cells (WBC) – in fact, these cells should be removed as much as possible from a PRP preparation. Some kits that tout high platelet concentrations often do so at the expense of having contaminating RBCs or WBCs – these cells are known to have inflammatory and catabolic effects – just the opposite of the desired effect. If the PRP in the syringe has any tinge of pink or red, it is most likely that you are injecting a preparation that has RBC contamination. The ideal PRP solution will be a golden, straw-like color.

With regenerative properties of PRP, we can improve the appearance of aging skin and rebuild healthy skin, which restores your vibrant, younger look.

A PRP facial offers a less-invasive way that rejuvenates your skin in a natural way. Since the PRP facial uses your own natural elements in your body, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. Over time, your strongest building structures in your skin, such as your collagen is regenerated within weeks of your treatment. The PRP helps smooth out fine lines, deep folds, wrinkles and sagging skin.


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